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In my opinion, I think the reason behind this is because Super Junior isn’t solidifying themselves as singers. Instead, they are redirected to TV, radio and variety shows. Ryeowook once complained that majority of the people seen SJ as an all-around entertainment group rather than singers and that he demands to see Super Junior as artists who releases albums, not as variety show actors. Even me, even though I am a big fan of them, some ELFs here in the Philippines complained once about a show in which they stated that Super Junior is not popular in South Korea, in which made a stir amongst Philippine fans. I assumed that because Philippines is “Super Junior-biased”, they felt so serious about this, where in fact, it’s a FACT. Super Junior is not that actually popular in South Korea (of course, not to the point of CSJH The Grace who debuted at the same year SJ debuted, and flopped) and that they are only popular outside South Korea.

I am to say that their labelmate TVXQ sells more than SJ, actually, and in fact, they will never reach the success TVXQ had right now if this kind of marketing continues. BoA meanwhile is about to flop, Girls’ Generation is successful, SHINee moderate, f(x) semi-moderate. TRAX almost flop, Zhang Liyin almost flop, and Kangta, almost flop.

I think SM needs to pull all members out from TV shows and start solidifying their status as “real” artists. I’mma bet, they will never be successful in their hometown if they will keep on focusing on starring in other areas of the entertainment industry than singing as Super Junior. This might also be the reason why Super Junior don’t have an official Japanese debut yet.

SM needs to promote ALL of their artists as more to gain attention and success.

Please don’t take my comment seriously, because this is what I actually see from them. Tears are now dripping from my keyboards while typing this, but this is the truth. SJ needs to focus on singing more like their labelmates. I am so concerned for them and for their future. They just need to be a “normal and proper” artist. 😥

P/S : from my own personal opinion..i think SM just use SJ to do SMTown as SJ is world wide known band/singer.DO you think SMTown will be that grand if it just TVXQ,  SNSD & F(x) ??AND, do you know how much Lee SooMan gain from the SMTown itself?????Let’s boikot the SMTown so that they can do better marketing plannng for SJ!!

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