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[NEWS]110925 Could Super Junior become the next generation of MCs?

Credit: allkpop,Naver, W Star News
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dol group Super Junior is raising the bar on what it takes to be a variety show star. In fact, when one reviews their formidable list of commitments, the members could very well become the next generation of national MC’s.

Team leader Leeteuk has a very busy schedule, as he’s involved in emceeing in five different programs. Currently, he is an assistant MC for SBS‘s ‘Star King’ and ‘Strong Heart’, and he also helps out Shin Dong Yup on ETV’s ‘The Strongest Couple‘. He’s got a full-time TV show with girl group SISTAR called ‘Hello Baby‘, in addition to his radio DJ stint on ‘Kiss The Radio‘.

Leeteuk also emceed the MBC’s ‘3rd Idol Star Athletics Championship this past Chuseok, and has interviewed countless other stars.

An official from SM Entertainment stated, “Leeteuk is good and careful with his words, he also has a gift of helping the show flow smoothly.” They added, “We are looking forward to seeing if he is the next generation MC.

It’s not just Leeteuk’s potential shining brightly in this field; fellow members Shindong and Eunhyukhave also been praised for their comical talent and wit. They too participate in ‘Strong Heart’, ‘Star King’, and ‘Kiss the Radio’ alongside Leeteuk.

Meanwhile, Kyuhyun‘s star is on the rise as well. He’s recently been added as a temporary MC forMBC’s ‘Golden Fishery – Radio Star’ to fill Kim Heechul‘s place. He recently starred in the popular idol singing program, “Immortal Song 2“, where he showcased his sweet singing abilities and spread his name more in households all across Korea. Industry representatives are keeping a close eye on him to see if he’s got the right stuff to engage in more variety shows.

With all that going on, the boys haven’t forgotten their roots as musicians. Starting this week, they’ll be coming back to promote their new song, “A-Cha“, on various music programs.

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