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Credit: 凝幻 | Translation by: @All4Hyuk
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1. The members that has a unique character.
Shindong: Yesung-ssi memories is very good, everytime after schedule, he’ll write something and doesn’t allow anyone to see it. The words that he write are small as an ant. He wrote this, “I just borrowed Eunhyukkie money 3000won, I borrowed blabla 6000won…”
Eunhyuk: Hahahahaha
Shindong: He will also come to where you’re and sit there for awhile and goes away
Eunhyuk: At night, when we’re sleeping, there’s someone who would suddenly touch your philtrum. (lol)

2. The member that had changed the most.
Jung: Then what about Heechul?
Shindong: Actually Heechul hyung is a person with strong individualism„ but now.. he’s the person who thinks that the group more than anything
Eunhyuk: Kinda awkward.
Shindong: Yup.
Eunhyuk: It’s a situation like that he’ll clearly be angry but he still stay there quietly, so I glance at him a few times, but suddenly he said, ‘Come, let’s fighting together~’ -___-

3. The members who changed the most.
Shindong: Heechul
Eunhyuk: Eunhyuk
Jung: Eunhyuk-ssi, why did you say yourself?
Eunhyuk: I’ve become a little introvert, last time I’m more active during activities, slowly as I met more people, and do more activities, my image become fixed, after that I become quieter, character changed, so it’s a pity >o<

4. Album
Jung: Almost all of SJ’s album has never failed before right? (become well-known)
Shindong: Actually not much people knows our song that we debut with, so when we ask people if they know what’s the song SJ debut with? Some will say “U”, some will says “Sorry Sorry” but actually our debut song is “Twins” and the following song is “Way For Love”, many teenagers like it a lot, after that is U, we got more well-known at that time, slowly with Sorry Sorry ^^

5. About feeling insecure.
Shindong: Actually, yes.. although we’ve been having activities together for so long, but right now (their age), because we have to go for army, one by one would go, and the number of members will become just few, and Super Junior’s image will not like be a ‘Ten people coming out together, looking very cool.’ kind of that.. slowly, as the members become lesser, we’ll feel worried too. ㅜ___ㅜ

6. Visual
Eunhyuk: Shindong hyung’s stress is more bigger this time because he is the first person will singing the song.
Shindong: Once I’ve gotten the lyrics, I asked, what should I do? The staff members said, “Of course you have to sing” What should I do? thats why looks like I have to go on diet. Whatever it is, the first person who comes out will form a fixed image (for the group)
Eunhyuk: So thats why Siwon is responsible of the visuals.

7. Super Junior never separated !!
Shindong: Even until our age is forty, we must still doing activities as Super Junior! „ Many people will said that idols would not last for long… with such like prejudice, we must be an idol for as long as we can. ^_____^

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