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Source: @凝幻 の weibo
Translation by: dancingbunnyclouds @ tumblr
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Leeteuk: “I am now at the age of 29, when I listen to songs nowadays I prefer to listen to oldies, dance tunes sound so noisy, I don’t like it, my heart is more at ease when I’m listening to soothing songs.”

Leeteuk: “As I strive to move forward, the importance of the people around me becomes more significant, I am able to be a better person due to all their help; All I want now is to do my best, all that I wish for is to have unlimited physical strength and (everybody’s) fighting~!”

Eunhyuk: “This month, after our performance I’ll get a break to go on a trip with my family, although it won’t be with the members, but all our members got a leave and will be going to the places that we want to go to separately; This time I’ll be on a trip with my family, the first time I went to France by myself, second time I went to Italy with the members, this time round we’ll be going to Europe, Europe suits me more. I’ll be going to the European countries I’ve never been to~!”

Eunhyuk: “Exactly where am I going? I’m not going to reveal it, because many people would follow me if I did; Many people make plans to go to famous attractions of the country they’re visiting, but it wouldn’t be a holiday if you must visit certain sites; When I go away for a holiday, I’ll just admire / appreciate whatever scenery I see, take a short rest and take in the feel of the particular place; For this trip with my family, we’ve only made simple plans, it will be a relaxed holiday.”

Eunhyuk: “I’ve been telling everybody for weeks that I’m reading, so fans gave me books as gifts during the fan signing event, I’m very happy to receive them, because even though I’ve not been reading, being able to hold the books in my hands, my conscience is much lighter now~! Everybody should know that I was pretending to know everything……Even though I’ve been saying that I’ll start reading, I haven’t found the time to do so due to me being busy; It may seem like an excuse, but I started my musical practice on Monday~”

Eunhyuk: “I had a full day of musical practice, my musical practice is for the whole day if I don’t have any schedules; On days that I have schedules I go early to practice in the morning, this is why I haven’t had enough sleep; I initially thought about reading on the plane when we go on overseas, because I would really have time when we’re overseas; Many fans gave me a lot of books, I’ll do some recommendations once I’ve finished reading them~! Give me 2 weeks to show you all my responsible side~!”

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