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Leeteuk said today he and Eunhyuk have filming under water and that make his eyes red / Hyuk: Yup, my eyes pain and red.

*There’s a fans said today see Eunhyuk, Leeteuk, Sungmin go to hotel that have swimming pool in it to go shoot filming VCR for SS4 ^^

Sukira After said in thai one and two words now Hyuk teaching guests how to pronounce thai languange ¬_¬
YoungHee (female guest) said that she like Sandeul when photo taking time. So, Hyuk said in here not confessing session time ¬_¬ lol


aww the boys must have been sleeping. they keep blinking their eyes.. lol

watching eunhyuk take off his jacket reminds me of dj yesung!! he was always constantly taking on and putting on his jacket lol

eunhyuk is teaching that b1a4 guy how to speak in thai! lol cute

hahahaah eunhyuk got really close to teukie and he was like go away! hahaha poor hyukjae can’t see

they are so adorable tonight!!! laughing and clapping lol

hahaha teukie so cute! ENGLISH! “uh weather cold… sweater please..” lol


Eunhyuk seems serious looked to computer screen, currently mayber they’re watched strong heart ~

Leeteuk said cause shooting under water, I cant see all clearly include the screen seems all blur / Hyuk: *went nearer to the screen* / Leeteuk: YA! ur back here *grab enhyuk* / Eunhyuk: I cant see clearly +_+

Some fans already gave support to eunhyuk for musical, he said when you guys (fans) gave the rice wreaths, I not in there to receive it but instead the staff who received that in press conference, but felt really thank you for suppoting me in FAME musical *^^*

Teuk go to restaurant ater recording, he said the owner of the shop like to listening KTR and he said he fell proud about it


If im not mistaken.. Teuk said that eunteuk had some underwater filming today :o

aww breakups are so like me is playing on sukira ;_; and… apparently Kim Janghoon’s currently hospitalized… eunteuk hopes he gets well soon ! // get well soon !!!

the boys keep saying that they cant see well.. and in the first hour they said that their ears and nose were blocked after the underwater filming ><

Hyuk was talking about the musical FAME which he is involved in.. and he said the dance moves are kinda tough for him because it involves moves such as ballet or those moves you do in performing arts/dance classes.. >< hes just not used to dancing those kind of moves //hwaiting hyuk !!!! and he also said thank you to fans who sent rice wreaths on the day of the press con. for FAME >< although he couldnt make it that day.

Aww eunteuk so caring :3 they were worrying how fans would feel cold standing outside open studio for 2 hours … And teuk said in english ‘weather cold’ xD and hyuk said esp. For fans who are used to the tropical climate it may be hard to get used to the different weather…

hope eunteuk will get a good night sleep tonight ! they really did look exhausted

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