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[TWITTER]111026 EUNHYUK TWEET TWICE!! | “SMTOWN live in NY” | “I love you all ♥”


Source: Eunhyuk’s Personal Twitter
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Trans By : All4Hyuk

He tweet [2] :

SM의 모든 아티스트와 스탭분들 그리고 엘프 카시오페아 소원 샤이니월드 에프엑스팬분들 모두모두 감사드립니다!!! 이제 진짜 월드멸치가 월드로 갑니다ㅋㅋ 화이팅!!! 사랑해요♥

Trans [2] :

All of SM artist and staff and ELF, Cassiopeia, SONEs, SHINee World, and f(x) fans, thank you to all of you!!! Now I’m really becoming a World Anchovy keke Fighting!!! I love you all ♥

he tweet [1] :

SMTOWN live in NY!!!! 오래전부터 꿈꿔오면서…내가 과연 이 곳에서 공연 할 날이 올까 생각했었던 메디슨스퀘어가든…SM의 모든 아티스트와 스탭들 그리고 SM을 사랑해 주시고 응원해주신 팬분들이 계셨기에 가능했던것 같네요…^^

Trans [1] :

SMTOWN live in NY!!! This something that I’ve already dream of starting from long time ago… Madison Square Garden, I’ve wondered when the day that I would be able to perform in this place (I’d like) to come again… It seems like this only made possible because all of SM artist, staff and all the fans who love and and support SM Town are here… ^^

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