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[FACTS]Eunhyuk/Lee Hyukjae : Awesome and Handsome-DANCE

THIS IS CONTINUE TO THE SECOND PART OF FACTS  link here : [FACTS]Eunhyuk/Lee Hyukjae : Awesome and Handsome-FAMILY

Many people know Eunhyuk as the lead dancer of mega-boy band, Super Junior.

Having so many members in one group, one would overlook Eunhyuk’s amazing dancing because of the stage full of people.

Eunhyuk specializes in the style of popping.

It’s a dance style that is not really ‘consumed’ much in the kpop industry.

But believe it or not – popping and locking is as hard (if not harder) than bboying itself. It’s an illusionary dance style that requires years to master.

Let us see Eunhyuk’s FULL story of dance, and how he grew to have a passion for DANCE.

In elementary school, he was just a cool guy who liked playing soccer. He was known to have many friends (like Xiah Junsu of DBSK) and quote – “was good in everything except studying”. Eunhyuk’s dream in grade school was to be a soccer player. This all changed later on, when he found a passion for dance.

It all started at an early age. His older sister, Lee Sora was practicing for a school talent show. His curiosity came in and he wanted to follow his noona, because it seemed as though she had so much fun dancing. Soon after (a year later), he had the urge to join his school talent show along with his friends.

Eunhyuk got inspired. While he practiced hard, it was his first time to perform in terms of dancing. “Enjoying every minute of rehearsals and performing, he developed a love for dancing. He would watch videos and continue to practice in order to be a dancer of the highest caliber that he could reach.” ….It all went UPHILL after that.

In grade 6, he created a dance team along with Kim Jun Su, Hwang Tae Jun, Choi Min Seok and himself (Lee Hyuk Jae). [DANCE GROUP NAME: S.R.D.]

He decided at age 12, that he would take his passion to greater lengths. He auditioned at one of the largest entertainment companies in korea, SM Entertainment. He passed the grewling auditions in 2002 (with high marks). Soon enough, he was able to become a trainee, starting from his last year in middle school and throughout his high school years.

As a trainee, it was evident that Eunhyuk made it to the top dance class. Only a few were ever really picked into this class. He continued to grow as a trainee and made it to the date of debut – a little after his graduation from high school.

During his high school years, there was much struggle financially. His parents were ok with him as a trainee, but funded only little money for transportation and food. It was hard because right after school, he would have to travel a long way to reach apgujong training area from school. Right after training session, he would travel a long way back home, and have little time to study and focus on school. He had many friends who were skeptical of him being a trainee. At a time, Eunhyuk had to break up with his girlfriend because of financial difficulties. He said this: I believe you are not born with (the talent of) dancing. You have to commit yourself and work hard.

After his debut in Super Junior in 2005, he was praised early on with his skills in dancing.

What people don’t know – Eunhyuk was offered a dancing opportunity in the U.S.

During their 3rd album, the members were able to work along with respected choreographers, Nick Bass and Trent Dickens. After practicing with them, the two saw potential in Eunhyuk dancing. Eeteuk mentioned this on Sukira. But it wasn’t able to push through. Eunhyuk had a job in korea, as a singer, and SM denied the offer because of his busy schedule. Without having a say in the deal, Eunhyuk continued to do what he usually does – film his variety shows, and do radio programs. They didn’t let Eunhyuk have a chance to expand in America. All Eunhyuk can do is continue his work.

But THEN – on ONE special occasion –

During a taping, George Sampson guested on Star King. If many of you don’t know him, he’s a well-renown dancer, who basically WON Britain’s Got Talent. A request was made so that Eunhyuk and this dance prodigy would have a ‘faceoff’. Eunhyuk was able to have a chance to have a dance battle against the Britain’s Got Talent winner.

After the dance battle, it opened up Eunhyuk’s eyes.

He talked to the SM Entertainment head once again, and bowed down from his guestings on Star King and Dream Team to focus on his passion – dancing. He quit his shows to practice dancing further.

Dancing has always been his first love.

A video was released online a year or two ago, showcasing his dance technique during a dance lesson with popping prodigy Poppin’ Hyun Joon (Poppin’ Hyun Joon IS A DANCE LEGEND IN KOREA—quoted “is one of the greatest popping choreographers in the history of street dance.”). From the video of the two, Eunhyuk gained MUCH respect from the dance community and is recognized not as an idol, but as a true dancer. Here’s the video:

Eunhyuk is #2 overall ‘Best Idol Dancer’ judged by dance choreographers and dance specialists who study performances based on stage, creativity, freestyle, popping, break-dance, choreography and footwork. The others who made it on the list were Jaebum (#1), followed by U-know Yunho (#3), Gahee, Shindong, Taeyang, Hyunah, Kikwang of B2ST, Taemin, and Gong Minji. The list is considered the most accurate because it is based solely on skill.(AS AT 2010, PLEASE REFER TO HERE FOR 2011 RANK : [LIST]110602 Top 20 Best Dancing Kpop Idol

Mnet ranked Eunhyuk as best dancer among males during their annual dance specials MNet Countdown. Which is funny, because I thought Mnet was with a fued with SM, but they still chose Eunhyuk, which should mean a lot.

I hope that his style of dancing is appreciated more. He is utter talent. Take away the fact that he’s from a overrated company (SM), and just OBSERVE his performance. His passion for dance is rock-solid and pure.

I hope one day Eunhyuk can become a dance legend just like Jang Woo Hyuk (who he is compared to often), and continue to rule the world with his awesome dance skills and awesome personality.



Credits To: hyukri.blogspot



3 responses

  1. Sara

    He is awesome!!!!

    May 30, 2012 at 3:03 AM

  2. honey'oPpa

    sarAngnhae oPpa ..,<3
    i'm always there for you !!

    September 12, 2012 at 4:51 PM

  3. dream

    before this..i never like any idols because they only choose looks not talents..but when i watch super junior, my view changed…what i see is a real talents..they capture my heart with their talents..personalities..then i saw one person..have a stage aura..
    ‘even when the sky is falling down’..
    his magnificance dancing..what could I express here.. i have see a lot of skill dancers in the listed above..but..the way him dancing captivated my eyes…I am not shocking if one day he would be the best choreographer along with nick bass and trent dickens..his strong desire could make him go through..he give us a performance that make us sastified and we want more after see it…
    but as u climb higher..there would be antis around u…be strong…but when i’m looking at his personalites…his strong desire and passion in dancing…anything obstacles he could overcome with it..
    i’m looking forward for his news..
    i do think..the more he walk the path,the more he will knew how far he could go…
    LEE HYUK JAE…never ever miss any opportunity that come to u…
    believe in urself ok…

    i hope..someone would translate this and pass it to him…

    from…malaysian supporter

    November 13, 2012 at 2:04 AM

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