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Im not a perfect person..sometimes i do make mistakes.And this is my own blog & my own section.So i am free to say anything here!

Like today..i post something just to share how i feel..suddenly got some1 comment eg “i didnt take it from u”.

Then i said was not u..i nvr say it was u..then i cont my work (coz i use internet only when im on break).

Suddenly a few minutes later i check again..the post became longer n longer n became sensitive when theres some1 (whom i knew prevly) comment like “why need to post the same thing twice?” and make another person felt really offended until she decided to quit.

What is this…if some1 took other post without put a very proper credit..of coz la the owner will feel some kind..But the thing is, my post is not related to u at all

This is normal..but why u need to be so sensitive til want to quit?Making a decision like that..i admit maybe my post kind of misleading other readersuntil they can post like dat but we can explain to them..not to make things worst.i have learn a huge lesson today from some1 that i dont know at all..

I cannot think straight when i tried to recall again..things happen so fast.But quitting too.

Better be alone if things like this happen! It’s okay..let’s motivate ourself…DO NOT LET OTHERS TAKE YOU DOWN!

Thanks to Eunhyuk coz if not becoz of him..i dont know in ELFans world, things like this will happen.

And thanks to other pages or wps or tumblr,,coz be my library..i promise to put a proper credit as long as i have this page of mine ^^

**im just mumbling myself..plz ignore huhu

3 responses

  1. amik

    thank you^^
    anything can i find here..about our jewel 😀
    lovehyuk ❤

    October 2, 2011 at 7:52 AM

  2. teresa

    Hey, nice to visit your blog. I like him very much and appreciate you record every detail about him! Keep enjoying to join this ELF world.

    October 6, 2011 at 6:33 PM

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